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Get to Know Our "Buy Once" Foundation Bundle

Starting a new craft can be intimidating when you don't know where to begin, but when it comes to punch needle, we've got you covered! The "Buy Once" Foundation Bundle is our premium beginners kit, designed to take the guesswork out of getting started. 

Punch Needle World's Foundation Bundle with Gripper Strip Frame, Frame Cover and Oxford Punch Needle

This bundle includes the 3 foundational punch needle supplies that you will use over and over again during your punch needle journey. Whereas your backing fabric and yarn needs will change from project to project, these three tools are the staple supplies of this craft, and your passport to a lifetime of punch needle creativity!


  • 20" x 20" Gripper Strip Frame: The 20" x 20" Gripper Strip Frame is a game-changer for punch needle and traditional rug hooking! It's designed to make stretching your backing fabric tight and adjusting your piece on the frame a breeze. Tons of tiny gripper teeth ensure your fabric stays taut, letting you focus on the fun part – making your art! The gripper strip frame is the only frame designed specifically for punch needle; it provides the ability to keep your backing fabric secure despite the repeated force of punching over many hours, and it makes it easy to remove and readjust your work on your frame (so there's no need to cut your fabric or pull out staples or tacks). Our custom 20" x 20" size was designed to be the most versatile single size you can buy, accommodating projects small and large and reducing fabric waste.


  • 20" Gripper Frame Cover: Our super soft, double-layered felt Gripper Frame Cover acts as a protective barrier between your hands and the sharp gripper teeth.  A must-have addition to your punch needle setup for protecting your hands and clothing from scrapes or snags while working!


  • Oxford Punch Needle: Considered the gold standard of punch needles, Oxford Punch Needles are designed to last a lifetime. Made in the USA, with an ergonomic design for comfort and speed, these needles are perfect for beginners and pros alike! They're compatible with rug yarn, cut strips of wool, and other novelty yarns so that you can create anything you can imagine. Designed by Punch Needle Master Amy Oxford, these needles are a testament to quality and tradition and I'm proud to include Oxford Punch Needles (in your choice of size!) in this bundle.

    Plus, each punch needle comes boxed with a colorful Punch Needle World stitch gauge. More than just a practical tool for checking that your stitches are even, it's a friendly reminder that your punch needle journey should be fun and vibrant!

punch needle world gripper strip frame and colorful rug yarn laying on a concrete floor

What Makes This Bundle Unique?

When you think of a punch needle kit, you probably imagine an all-in-one, ready-to-go package that comes with a pattern and yarn. While we see the benefits of that (sometimes you wanna get right to the punching part!) we want to encourage you to set yourself up for success by investing from the start in the tools and materials that will make learning easy, and enable you to keep growing and creating as you advance your skills.


1. Designed to Reduce Waste:

Many punch needle starter kits (especially the ones you find in big box craft stores) include a plastic hoop or frame designed for embroidery (not punch needle) and a sub-par quality punch needle tool. If you're just beginning, learning with these supplies can result in frustration or failure when they don't work well, which leads to these supplies sitting unused on the shelf (or worse, tossed in the trash). If you purchase multiple kits, you'll end up with duplicate low quality tools, and if you upgrade your supplies over time you'll end up spending more money in the long run. We believe in buying the right materials once -- saving you time, money, and eliminating waste in landfills (and in our craft closets)!

2. Crafted with Your Creativity in Mind:

Traditional punch needle kits tend to include all the tools and materials necessary for one specific project, and require you to punch the design provided. While we love working from a good pattern, we also know that many of you are coming to this craft already having designs and ideas in mind for what YOU want to create! Our bundle provides the Foundational tools for your unique creativity -- allowing you to bring to life any idea you can imagine.


3. Backed by Our "Buy Once" Promise:

The best part of our bundle? Our "Buy Once" promise! When we say "buy once," we mean it -- these tools are designed to last a lifetime, and they come with our "Buy Once, Make Forever" Lifetime Guarantee. That means in the unlikely event that they wear out or break, we'll replace it for you for free. We are committed to creating high quality supplies that won't end up in landfills and are crafted with the punch needle tradition in mind.


So what are you waiting for? Get your bundle today and start your punch needle journey with confidence! We are here for you every step of the way, and excited to be your creative companion on this exciting craft adventure.

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  • I understand that we can pick the size needle we want, but what is the most recommended size?


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